Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sappony Art: Strength

I've been thinking about which images I will enter in the upcoming November show at the Kirby Gallery.  In honor of American Indian Heritage month in North Carolina, the Sappony have been invited to exhibit there throughout the month. The theme of the show is strength (title is Sappony Art: Strength).  Artists can interpret strength any way they feel suits their art, from the literal to the metaphorical. 

Pieces entered into the exhibit can be almost any kind of art including pottery, sculpture, painting, poetry, quilting, basketry, jewelry, carving, writing, music, drawing, carving and photography.

I am considering entering my Turtle, Red Tree and Zinnia Pop images.

Turtle by Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
I photographed this male box turtle who was in the middle of our new walking trail when I was at the tribal center photographing the fabulous work that has been done on the driveway, parking lot and walking trail. I think of strength when I think of box turtles because of their steadfast, long lives. The average life span of box turtles, depending on the species and which website you read, is certainly between 20 and 50 years. And many have been known to live over 100 years. Their conservation status is vulnerable, due to their relative late age at maturity (7 years) and other factors (people taking them as pets). The oldest finds of fossilized box turtles date from about 15 million years ago. Box turtles have strength in their long lives and their collective long life on earth.

Red Tree by Kara Stewart, Art in Photography

I think of strength in this Red Tree image in two ways. First, in the literal - the strong, vivid colors. Red and blue pop against the gray and black. Secondly, the strength of the tree itself. I like the mental imagery of a tree holding fast in strong gusts. Its branches may sway and bend, some of its leaves may be blown off and flutter away, but the tree itself abides rooted, fixed and firm.

Zinnia Pop by Kara Stewart, Art in Photography

Zinnia Pop says strength to me just based on the colors! You can't get much stronger in color than these, unless you burn your eyes out.

If you are in the Piedmont North Carolina area, please visit the Kirby Gallery to see the Sappony Art: Strength exhibit. The exhibit is open all through November, with an opening reception on Saturday, November 3rd at 2:00 p.m., which all are invited to attend. If you would like to keep updated on Sappony art happenings, visit our facebook page at Sappony Tribal Art Connection and 'like' us! 

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  1. Oh, they are all so gorgeous! But I just fell in love with that turtle guy.