Sunday, January 6, 2013

Permission to Read

I am the anti-resolutionist, as you may know from this blog post. It's ok. I've been called worse. I was waffling about what changes, if any, I'd like to make in my life.

I have decided. January is now officially my Permission to Read month. After work, and things a person must do to keep home and hearth from completely falling apart, I have given myself guilt-free permission to . . . read. Just read. Happy sigh.

This sounds rather anti-climactic unless you know my secret: as a child, I used to fantasize about being locked in the library all night, or ecstasy - all weekend! Just me and tons of books. I love their smell, I love their feel, I love the worlds they spin around me. I adore a well-turned sentence. I took books camping, babysitting and spent much of my elementary school years surreptitiously reading my own books hidden by the cover of whatever school texts I was supposed to be reading, or half-hidden in my desk. And sadly, it has been several years since I have felt I had the time to read for pleasure.

This Permission to Read month will do several things for me: 1. make me a better writer and sharpen my brain just by reading others' well-turned sentences and plots; 2. bring me sanity, relaxation and pleasure - all of which are much needed; and 3. give me some breathing space to think.

That's my rationalization. But really, it's all pleasure.


  1. And this is exactly why we are friends! I think you should make is a year instead of a month!

    1. Yay, Carolyn! I just may make it longer, but I am really loving the idea of January, which we usually think of as cold and long and gloomy after the holidays, as Permission to Read month! Join me and we may keep it going.... :)