Saturday, October 5, 2013

Coming Soon! Indian 101 for Writers

I am crazy excited to announce the five-part traveling blog series, Indian 101 for Writers, coming up next week! My friend, Alison DeLuca, author of the Crown Phoenix Series, which includes The Night Watchman Express, The Devil's Kitchen and Lamplighter's Special, suggested this blog series last summer and we've been working on it since. If you love steampunk, adventure, mystery and fantasy, you'll love  Alison DeLuca's books. Alison was previously a teacher, is an editor and author at Myrddin Publishing and happens to be a fabulous mom. 

If you don't know, I am a Literacy Coach for my 'real' (i.e., paying) job. The school district I work for has a very active district equity team geared toward the success of all students, but focusing on students of color, and I am thrilled to be a part of that since it is one of my passions (along with art, photography and writing). Conversations about race are the norm in our school district and these discussions, while tricky, can be enlightening. Additionally, I have been active in Indian education for about a decade or so and have tried to do my part both at the state and national level to educate about Indians and to improve our stance toward educating Indian youth. I am an enrolled member of the Sappony tribe.

Indian 101 for Writers is (obviously) geared toward writers. However, teachers, school administrators, and really, anyone interested, should be able to get a glimpse of Indian Country and broaden understanding through our series and the resources and tips in it. We plan to load it up to begin next Wednesday starting with Part 1 on Alison's blog, Fresh Pot of Tea, and then popping back here to my blog for Part 2, and so on. I am so grateful to Alison for suggesting this topic, for collaborating with me to implement our concept, and for being my 'traveling host'. My hope is that we will be able to reach many authors, educators and readers in general with accurate information about American Indians, broaden horizons and deepen understanding.

Stay tuned, and remember to check in at Fresh Pot of Tea Wednesday, October 9 for Part 1: Know Thyself!

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  1. Thanks so much, Charlene. We are very excited about it! Hop on over to Part 1 on Alison DeLuca's blog Fresh Pot of Tea here: Parts 2-5 are Indian-specific. :)